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Summer night sky Fireworks drone aerial video footage

Summer night sky Fireworks drone aerial video footage

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It is a video material of aerial shots of fireworks at fireworks festivals, a summer tradition in Japan. I took a video of how colorful and vivid fireworks were launched in succession. Fireworks festival in Japan

*All of our products do not have audio tracks.

Aozora Drone sells aerial video and image footage of Japan's seasonal landscapes and cultural buildings. This is a commercial-use, royalty-free footage sales site operated by kenonsoft Inc. At kenonsoft, we are involved in shooting promotional videos for local governments and companies.
All videos handled by 蒼空ドローン-AOZORA DRONE- are high-quality footage by qualified drone pilots. In addition, it is a high-quality 4K / FullHD video, and can be used for PR videos and cinematic videos used on TV and YouTube. The length of the product video is the number of seconds displayed in the sample video. Also, after purchase, you can download the material without the logo immediately.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us from "Contact Us" in the menu.
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We provide footage of Japan's beauty that can be used for any occasion

Japan is filled with lots of beauty, from soaring blue skies to ancient temples. We want to show this beauty of Japan to you.

With a sense of excitement and awe, experience the real Japan.

Add uniqueness and style to your work with our footage.

Aozora Drone is available for commercial use and does not require credit notation.
We only handle aerial video footage that can be used.
Royalty-free format, once purchased, it can be used for various purposes.

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